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2A Laser Engraving spawned from Barry & Margie Torphy's small-town gun shop which started in 2015 in Plano IL. The Torphy's have a knack for their entrepreneurial spirit and with Barry being a retired Police Officer and a firearm enthusiast since he was a small child (not to mention an avid gun collector), it was only natural to open a gun shop. 

The Torphy's started out small with just a single desk in an office-like environment.  After spending many hours at gun shows and solicitation on social media, they determined it was time to convert to a full-blown brick-and-mortar store.  This move was predicated on 3 things: 1. provide the best customer service in the industry, 2. the customer always comes first, and 3. we will never lose that small-town, Mom & Pop feel and way of doing business (yes, we even accept checks!).

Their business strategy has proven to be very successful in that they continued to re-invest in the shop and keep customers coming back.  Over the years many customers have become good friends, and many are even considered family! 


In 2018 Barry got a crazy idea that he wanted to expand the shop (Margie was not happy about this at all).  With a lot of help from our good friends, we were able to almost double our retail space, and create a dedicated gunsmithing room as well as a large storage/work area.  The importance of this is coming up.

Also in 2018 while they were both a Shot Show (the big convention for gun dealers and manufacturers), Barry saw the folks at the Benchmade booth doing laser engraving and thought what a great idea!  After much research, Barry was able to connect with a manufacturer that not only dealt with lasers but also lasers specific to the gun world.  After further consideration, Barry pulled the trigger (no pun intended), purchased the laser, and spent 5 days of intense training learning how to engrave firearms, barrels, etc., firearm stippling, graphic design, etc.   That backroom space really came in handy for this! 


At that time there was little to no one providing this service in the northern Illinois area and they were quite successful.  And that ladies and gentlemen is how 2A Laser Engraving was established.

Fast forward to 2023 and if you know Barry you know that the status quo is not good enough.  Once again at Shot Show Barry met with the owner of the company where he bought his laser and was introduced to the latest and greatest CO2 laser (which is different from what they use for firearms).  Again, Barry made a deal with the owner and spent another 5 days of intense training and currently running multiple state-of-the-art laser engravers that can engrave almost anything!

As you will see on the pages here, we offer a wide variety of laser engraved items, gifts, etc., as well as we can custom laser engrave something that you may already own or is a specialty item.  You would be surprised by the things Barry has been asked to engrave over the years, some things you just can't make up!

Today 2A Laser Engraving is serving the northern Illinois market as well as the greater Las Vegas Area providing a wide variety of products and services.  Give us a call at 331.248.1032 to see what we can do for you!


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