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Can I have anything engraved?

We like to say we engrave anything (almost).  We have been asked to engrave some of the most bizarre items beyond our imagination.  Keep in mind that there are certain size restrictions, material types, and many other variables involved in engraving.  There is also the subject of copyright laws.  If you have a project that you feel may fall in the "unusual" category, please use our contact us section here to discuss your project.

Does size really matter?

Our official answer is no.  Lasers can create very detailed results even of the finest artwork.  Where it may get a little tricky is a very small and detailed graphic.  The laser will pick up the detail, it is more of a question of can the human eye see the detail.  In cases like this, we will provide a "sample" engraving for your approval prior to doing the work.

How much does it cost?

This would be like asking how much a new car cost will.  There are several factors that influence pricing such as graphical design prep/creation time, fixturing, laser time, etc., that make it difficult to create pricing on custom work.  We try our best to work with most budgets and recommend contacting us to discuss the specifics of your project and we can provide an accurate estimate.

How do I place my custom order?

When you choose your item here there should be a drop-down for a custom option, simply select that option.  Then simply email your artwork to and please include a phone number in case we need to reach you.  In the case of a simple custom order (say a smiley face on a tumbler), we will simply engrave your item and send it to you.  In the event of more detailed custom engraving, we will email you a proof for approval prior to proceeding.

What type of graphics files do you need?

We include basic file prep as a part of our services.  Preferred formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, DXF, SVG, and PLT are preferred, please no Zip, Rar or compressed files. The higher the definition, the better the results will be to work with, but we can work with most graphics.  If by chance you have a very complex graphic there may be additional setup fees. 

Are Lasers color-blind?

Yes!  Think in Black and white. Eventually, all graphics will be converted to black and white (no Gray) so avoid blurry images or images with a lot of shading or poor contrasting colors/features.


All in-stock products will ship no later than the next business day.  For custom orders due to the number of variables, it is challenging to state a specific turnaround time.  Typically, we will offer a 4-6 week turnaround time; however, most of our custom work is completed in 2-4 weeks (or sooner).  If you have a specific need for products by a specific date, please call us at 331.248.1032 and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

I want my firearm engraved; can I ship it to you?

YES! You can ship us your firearm, slides, mags, and pretty much anything directly.  The ATF has a provision for "Customization" and "Repair" work for individuals to send their firearms directly to an FFL if it is done through UPS or FEDEX ONLY! (NO US Postal Service!).  Inbound out-of-town orders for engraving work are to be shipped with a list of enclosed contents (include pertinent serial numbers if applicable) as well as your Name, Phone Number, and Email Address so that we may contact you should we have a question or to forward you invoices and receipts.  Also, include a brief recap of the work to be performed as a reminder (we will call if there is a need for clarification). All of this ALONG WITH A PREPAID RETURN LABEL to 2A Laser Engraving, 18 W. Main Street, Plano IL 60545

Returns & Refunds

Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations with every project.  We are also realists and understand that “stuff happens”.  If your order is not correct or received in error, we will make every effort to make it right for you or give you your money back.  Unfortunately, in the case of custom work where the customer has approved the work before proceeding and the final product is other than approved, we cannot offer a refund.  We will always do everything we can to make things right. 

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